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Who We Are

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Wild East Adventure was founded in the summer of 1996.

Wild East Adventure, based in Ladakh in the northern Indian Himalaya, has been organizing adventure activities in various parts of the Himalayas since 1996. We specialize in climbing, trekking and rafting and will tailor adventures and experiences around your interests, be they fauna and flora, religion and spirituality, environmental conservation, physical challenge or culture. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable guides look forward to being a part of your Himalayan experience. At Wild East Adventure, we are committed to serving you. Whether your interests lie in the realm of trekking, culture, nature, mountaineering, history or religion, our well-rounded team is prepared to build a fulfilling holiday experience centred on your wishes. Please allow us to serve you.

our founder

Nawang Namgyal

Nawang Namgyal founded Wild East Adventure in the summer of 1996. His love of the mountains and Ladakhi culture led to expansion of the trekking agency, which tailors adventures to clients specific interests and specializes in treks and climbs offering a strong cultural component.Jigmet is our most experienced guide, with a record number of ascents of Stok Kangri and Kangyatse. Patient, positive and optimistic, Jigmet has been with Wild East Adventure since it was founded in 1996.

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

"Home is where the heart is" ...we always believe in this so we always focus on building our home with dedication, devotion and above all we do respect each other the way we respect ourselves.. we do always implement this to our valued clients , our team members do follow up our concept and we have a strong bond among ourselves to strengthen our motto to be together always ..

Tsawang gyantsan


Gyaltsan has a strong background in office administration combined with hands-on experience leading many treks. He fluidly coordinates of all of the support elements necessary for smooth running treks and successful climbing expeditions.

Jigmet Thinles

Trek Leader

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Tsewang “Tony” Dorjey

Trek Guide

Tsewang “Tony” Dorjey Tony has been a guide for Wild East for six years, with experience in both Ladakh and the Garwhal Himalaya. Friendly and hardworking, Tony speaks Ladakhi, Hindi, English and some French.

Responsible tourism and minimum impact trekking

Wild East Adventure exists to provide safe and eco friendly adventures in the Himalayas. This is not just a slogan for us but a principle that guides our work. We are doing our best to leave nothing but our footprints in the fragile environment that is the Himalayas. We educate our staff and inform our clients about their responsibilities before going trekking. Every year we organize clean up treks at our own expense on the major trekking routes. This is to preserve the natural environment and to make sure that the local community and future visitors are able to enjoy a clean and healthy Ladakh.
Wild East Adventure is particularly aware of preserving Ladakh”s fragile environment and cultural heritage and put great effort into minimising the impact of trekking. Minimizing the environmental impact. As much as possible we avoid taking unnecessary packaging and waste on the trail. Litter is always brought back to Leh, and tourists are requested to bring back their private non-organic litter also. Picking up other people”s litter along the way is encouraged and sets a good example to others. To minimize pollution of the precious water resources our staff wash dishes away from streams and rivers in a bucket. We also discourage clients from using shampoos and soaps if washing in rivers. Toilet facilities are also carefully placed outside the campsites by Wild East staff and located to minimize the effect on the area. However if nature calls while walking through the day it is important that trekkers find a site far enough away from any water source and dispose of paper by burning as it will not decompose in the high, dry environment. We provide boiled drinking water on the trek to minimize the waste created by packaged flavoured drinks. While in Leh, we encourage tourists to refill their water bottles at a water refill shop or treat it themselves with water purification. Preserving Ladakhi culture
Wild East Adventure is a Ladakhi owned and run company. Respecting our cultural heritage and social environment is of great importance to us. Tourism has brought great changes to the traditional Ladakhi lifestyle. Wild East Adventure acknowledges the importance of preserving the cultural integrity of people and places visited on our treks.
Our clients are made aware that they are guests passing through other peoples country and they should always act accordingly.Our clients are asked to approach the locals in a humble and respectful way, not to take photographs without permission and not to wear clothing that appears provocative.Unfortunately even simple gift giving can have a negative impact. Distributing pens or sweets can encourage a culture of begging and we recommend our clients refrain from doing this.Thinking of the future. Besides respect for the natural and cultural environment, Wild East Adventure is committed to sustainable development. We are committed to long term relationships with our local suppliers, and our staff is fairly paid and also insured through the company. Through homestays we try to bring more of the profits of tourism to the villages. We can offer an unique trek through the Markha valley and into Kharnak involving homestays in Markha valley and at the nomadscamp in Kharnak. We believe that tourism based on principles of sustainability and equity can be used to improve the livelihood of local communities. Our aim is to live up to this.