Mentok Kangri

The remote land of Changthang (meaning ‘northland’ in Tibetan) stretches from Tibet to the extreme northwest of the Kunlun Range. This region, known as the land of the nomads, will take you by several encampments of the Changpa nomads and give you a unique opportunity to have a glimpse into their way of living – and maybe a cup of buttertea in one of their tents made of black yak hair. The picturesque lake of Tsomoriri, which changes its sapphire blue color with the sun and the salty Tsokar are other attractions along the trek. The area is also an important wildlife sanctuary, harboring marmots, snow leopards, kiangs (wild asses), as well as various species of birds. 

Itinerary at a glance:

Day 1: Leh- Rumtse 4100 m via Hemis

Day 1: Rumtse- Kyamar 4400 m (4 hrs)

Day 3: Kyamar- Tisaling 4600 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 4: Tisaling- Ponganagu 4300 m via Shibuk La 5000 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 5: Ponganagu - Nuruchan 4350 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 5: Ponganagu - Nuruchan 4350 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 6: Nuruchan- Gyamar Barma 5000 m (6-7 hrs)

Day 7: Gyamar Barma- Base Camp 5500 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 8: Base Camp- Summit- Base Camp (6-7 hrs)

Day 9: Korzok 4500 m via Nyalungnyalu La 5450 m (5-6 hrs)

Day 10: Korzok- Leh (7 hrs drive)

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