Zanskar River Rafting

Only opportunists and challenge accepter will see what treasures Zanskar River Rafting Tour have for them. Leh Ladakh, as the beginning of our fun, is all about monasteries, mountains, valleys, palaces, villages and more. True to the heavenly beauty on earth, the place exhibits many opportunities to hikers and rafters in Rafting tour packages. For the rafting expedition specifically, Leh becomes the welcome spot. After acclimatisation to the high altitude for a day, rafting begins at Ramela, which is reached via Kargil and Rungdum in car.

At Ramela, the rafting is on Doda River, just for an introductory touch, continued to the real buzz to the confluence of Doda and Tsarap Chu. The grade II to V rapids, including Alchi, Nimmo, Upper Nimmo, Big Water ‘Chilling’, Zangla and Major Surprise (newly made by the resent land slide) are encountered all through the Zanskar River rafting trip to the confluence of River Zanskar and River Indus where the former becomes the integral part of the latter.

All the while, rafters never feel completely tired; neither would lazy exhaustion take over them due to the balance struck between oaring and camping. Ramela, KharsaGompa, Pidmo, Nyerak Village, Lamaguru, etc are the locations of camps while rafting in Ladakh. Bone-tiring paddling and meeting around 30 to 40 inevitable rapids gives fair amount of exercise, after which relaxing becomes mandatory, for which camps are available. 
So, ‘The Grand Canyon of Asia’ (as the Zanskar Gorge is called) with all other ‘fun n thrill’ action is waiting for your arrival; are you ready to embark on Ladakh River Rafting Expedition?

Zanskar River Rafting


The Markha Valley is one of the most beautiful treks in Ladakh.  This easy access trek provides a unique endangered and rare Himalayan wildlife, high passes and ancient Buddhist villages that are still linked to the outside world only by trails. You will get glimpses of traditional, Ladakhi village life and be met by hospitability and friendliness along the way, before entering into the rough wilderness that surrounds the two high passes on the trek.

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